AWS SDG Innovation Roadshow – Nov 2022

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) highlight the need to build skills in students across the globe.  During this session David shared the role that EdTech entrepreneurs can play in helping schools build this capacity in their students.

David outline how

  • SDG outcomes are core to the mission of EdTech companies, as they seek to impact learners life beyond formal education
  • EdTech companies focussed on student wellbeing are emerging and recieving significant capital investments, which suggests that there is a commercial opportunity
  • Australia is a well developed education market, but we need to acknowledge that the pandemic shown a light on gaps – lack of digital infrastructure, lack of digital readiness and transformation
  • Technology enables good teaching, doesn’t replace teachers
  • Technology should support teaching capacity with insights and highlighting areas of need across large student populations
  • Technology will enable school systems to leapfrog others – take India alone that needs to upskill and reskill 300-400M people to meet their economic goals

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  • Client AWS
  • Date November 22, 2022
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