Aug 06

Decision Points

Whilst cleaning up a hard disk I came across this great photo I took of a plane landing at Lukla Airport.  Lukla is the gateway to trekking the Everest region of the Himalayas and isn’t for those scared of flying – Google it if you don’t believe me.

The photo got me thinking about the slim margin between correct and incorrect, good and bad, great outcome and not so great outcome.

It’s very clear when landing a plane what a great and not-great outcome is.  But once the pilot has decided to land how many things now decide the outcome.  How many of those things can be adjusted along the way, how many are set in stone, how many can be controlled, how many can’t.

On 1 July this year I made a big decision, to change my relationship with Renaissance Learning in the supply and support of their software products in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Just like the pilot in the light plane coming into Lukla I like to think all the decisions were mine and that the outcome is going to be great.  But I know the decision is made of many hundreds of little decisions, some of which I controlled and some that controlled me.

Let’s see if I stick the landing.

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